Demystifying The Way Your Stuff Is Made

Why You Should Consider PVC Doors for Your Home

When installing doors in a home, whether as replacements or during the construction of a new home, homeowners will typically opt for conventional materials such as wood. Although wood has been the most popular material for time immemorial, this does not automatically make it the best option for your needs. Advancements in technology have made other materials suitable for the manufacture of residential doors. One material that is steadily gaining in popularity is PVC. Read More 

Three Innovative Ways To Use Decorative Plasterboard

When you're remodelling a home or an office, you don't need to be constrained by the shape or decorative potential of the space--there's a simple, affordable and straightforward way to make a massive impact on a room's look and feel that you might not have considered. Plasterboard is a tremendously versatile material. It's lightweight, inexpensive and can be painted or finished any way you like. It can be carved, moulded and decorated in any way you can imagine--and a huge number of professionals can install it quickly and straightforwardly. Read More 

Tips For Bending Pipe Without a Pipe Bender

If you have steel or copper pipe that needs to be bent for a home project, it is often easiest to use a pipe or tube bender. However, if one of these is not available, there are some other ways to bend it at home. Here are some tips for using different methods of bending pipe without a fancy bending tool. Fill the Pipe With Sand The reason you want to have the pipe filled with sand is that when it is filled with something, you are able to avoid snapping or buckling the pipe. Read More