Why You Should Consider PVC Doors for Your Home

When installing doors in a home, whether as replacements or during the construction of a new home, homeowners will typically opt for conventional materials such as wood. Although wood has been the most popular material for time immemorial, this does not automatically make it the best option for your needs. Advancements in technology have made other materials suitable for the manufacture of residential doors. One material that is steadily gaining in popularity is PVC. The following are some of the reasons why you should consider PVC doors for your home.

PVC doors afford you enhanced energy efficiency

One little-known benefit of PVC doors is how they will improve the energy efficiency of your household. These door frames have thermal insulation properties. This functions to ensure that thermal loss will not occur through your doorways during the colder months. In addition, you can also keep your home cooler during the warmer months using PVC doors, as there will be decreased thermal gain from the ambient temperature. If you are looking to keep your heating and cooling costs low, then you should consider PVC doors.

PVC doors afford your enhanced security

Another reason why you should consider PVC doors for your home is the enhanced security that they will provide you with. A misconception that some people have about these doors is that they are simply made from plastic. The truth is that the doors actually have galvanised steel at their core. This core gives the doors innate strength that makes them resistant to high impact. In addition to this, the frames of these doors fit snugly into the opening of the entryway, making it especially difficult for opportunistic intruders to pry their way into your home by separating the door with a crowbar. Overall, opting for PVC doors can make your home much more secure than having timber doors.

PVC doors afford you enhanced durability

One thing to note about PVC is that this material is much more durable when compared to other materials such as wood or steel. For instance, wood doors will need regular sealing, especially if they are not shielded from the elements. Failure to do so will result in premature warping, rotting, cracking and other structural damage to the wood. Steel, on the other hand, will have to be protected with a galvanised coating to keep it from succumbing to corrosion due to moisture in the atmosphere. If you would like low maintenance doors with high durability, PVC material would be an ideal alternative.