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3 Insights About Scrap Metal Recycling that New Entrants Must Know

The art and science of scrap metal recycling has been in existence for centuries and will not stop anytime soon. The sector helps millions of people to make a living through segregation, recycling, and production of finished products. If you are considering entry into this business, you need to understand the whole supply chain of the scrap metal recycling industry. For example, you should know where to find the scrap metal, the logistics of transporting it, and how to prepare the metal for manufacturing. Read More 

Benefits of using fabricated metal in building structures

From majestic bridges and skyscrapers to beautifully constructed buildings, fabricated metals such as steel are used to make numerous types of structures. In this case, fabricated steel is currently one of the key materials used in most constructions and is highly popular in the construction industry. This is attributed to the fact that it provides freedom to many construction designers, which enables them to design and create better structural solutions. Fabricated steel is also important in the construction process as it is included in almost every stage from roofing materials to flooring beams, tread plates and frames. Read More 

Why Finishing Is Important in Metal Fabrication

When it comes to fabricated metal parts for your project, it is extremely important to include all the specifications and details. The finished product will only be a result of the information provided, and this calls for a high degree of specificity. However, many companies forget one critical instruction, which has a big bearing on the appearance and functionality of the final item. What information needs to be provided when it comes to the " Read More 

Understanding the Various Kinds of Metal Finishes You Can Go For

Metals have a range of applications. In construction, they are a cheap source of materials for facilities such as warehouses and storage spaces. To add on that, you can use metals for specific applications like roofing and staircase guards when wood and other material are not friendly to your budget. When using metals in building projects, an important consideration is the type of finish on the material. Metal finishing has a huge impact on its functional and aesthetic value, and the following is a look at some of the finishes that you can go for: Read More 

Why Is Laser-Cutting Better for Sheet Metal Fabrication than Punching?

Sheet metal fabrication technology has advanced to the point where punching, which was once the go-to method, has been almost entirely surpassed by laser cutting. Though punching still holds a few niche benefits, the advantages that come with laser cutting have made it a hard-to-ignore process, and there are plenty of reasons why it makes a better choice than punching. If you're unsure, just read this quick and easy guide covering the differences between punching and laser cutting and why the latter method is typically superior. Read More