Demystifying The Way Your Stuff Is Made

Engineer’s Scrapers: Comparing the Different Types of Tools

The scraper is an essential and highly beneficial engineering tool in the manufacturing process of metal products. This is a finishing implement which eliminates high or rough spots from the machined surfaces. Consequently, the finished metal product will have true flat services for better performance. The engineer's scraper is particularly useful for metal components which will connect with other surfaces. This is because high spots on such a surface will cause abrasion and generate friction. Read More 

Four Ways to Prevent Powder Coating Contamination During Its Application

A powder coating finish is one of the most preferred finishes by manufacturers as well as consumers mainly due to its high quality, resistance to corrosion and durability. Irrespective of the above qualities, a powder coating finish is prone to getting defects that are a result of contamination by various environmental conditions as well as elements present in the coating booth. It is essential to note that the contamination can take place anywhere in between the preparation of the powder coating to its application on a product. Read More 

Cooling Tower: Promoting Optimal Long-Term Performance

Cooling towers are ideal devices for use in diverse industrial and commercial cooling applications. These structures are primarily used in rejecting waste heat from industrial operations and machinery, but they are also popularly used in discharging heat from HVAC systems in large commercial buildings. In general, cooling towers are designed and built to withstand heavy usage. However, the durability of the structure will ultimately depend on the system design and maintenance practices. Read More 

3 Insights About Scrap Metal Recycling that New Entrants Must Know

The art and science of scrap metal recycling has been in existence for centuries and will not stop anytime soon. The sector helps millions of people to make a living through segregation, recycling, and production of finished products. If you are considering entry into this business, you need to understand the whole supply chain of the scrap metal recycling industry. For example, you should know where to find the scrap metal, the logistics of transporting it, and how to prepare the metal for manufacturing. Read More 

Benefits of using fabricated metal in building structures

From majestic bridges and skyscrapers to beautifully constructed buildings, fabricated metals such as steel are used to make numerous types of structures. In this case, fabricated steel is currently one of the key materials used in most constructions and is highly popular in the construction industry. This is attributed to the fact that it provides freedom to many construction designers, which enables them to design and create better structural solutions. Fabricated steel is also important in the construction process as it is included in almost every stage from roofing materials to flooring beams, tread plates and frames. Read More