Using Perspex As a Window Material in Storage Sheds

Perspex is the brand name of a type of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA sheet) that is used in many applications from industrial uses such as plastic mirrors and windows to popular household items such as glassware. Perspex is naturally clear but can be tinted with colours to assist in certain applications. Here are four reasons that perspex is a great choice for windows in storage sheds. 

It's naturally UV resistant

Even when untinted, perspex is naturally resistant to UVB light. This keeps your goods from getting damaged by the light and also protects anyone who is working in the shed from getting exposed to UV. Perspex can also be tinted to provide glare protection. It can be easily treated with films to provide additional protection from the sun in hot environments.

It's shatter resistant

Windows can be shattered by people looking to break into your property but can also break in the normal course of business through accidental impact or even through bad weather. A shattered window is a danger to the people and property inside as well as potentially dangerous to clean up. Perspex won't shatter, and this protects your staff and goods. It is generally resilient and can withstand normal wear and tear. In fact, in many areas riot police shields are made from perspex due to this high level of resilience. 

It's cheap

Perspex is very affordable compared to glass windows. It's particularly cheap if you are fitting an unusually sized or unusually shaped window, as perspex can be cut to fit by staff and does not require trained glaziers to fit it out. This can be a great advantage for a shed, particularly if this is temporary option that may be changed or expanded as the business grows. 

It's very clear

Storage sheds can be dusty and many have limited natural light. Some storage sheds are not powered, and so in these cases additional light cannot be easily provided. Perspex is naturally very transparent and lets in a lot of light at the right angles and positions. This can help make your shed brighter and easier to navigate. This also makes it easy to check what is inside.  

If you are looking to install windows in a shed at your business or home, then it could be a good idea to consider using perspex. It is a cheap and easy-to-install material with a strong resilience to impact.