Why Use 3D CAD Solid Modelling Before Finalising Product Prototypes?

If you're developing a new range of products, then you need to make sure that the products will work before you move on to the production phase. You might need to create prototypes first to look at your designs in a real-life way.

However, prototyping can be expensive if you need to create complex products that use specialist materials and manufacturing processes. At this stage, you might want to use CAD drafting services to create a 3D solid model of your products first.

How will this help?

1. Get a Realistic Product View

While 2D and 3D CAD designs illustrate how a product will look, the images you get don't give you a full picture. Even 3D designs which show you different angles are sometimes hard to read. A wire design, for example, shows you an outline of the product.

If you use solid modelling, then you get a true picture of how a product looks. The drawing is filled in and in colour. The design is in 3D so you can turn the image to view it from every angle. You can see how the product's colour and stylistic features look.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Prototyping Costs

If you want to keep your product planning costs low, then you won't want to prototype until you're pretty sure that a product is viable. You don't want to waste money creating prototypes that show you how a product won't work, pushing you back to the design drawing board.

When you see a solid modelled design, you learn much more about the product and how it might look after production. You'll find it easier to spot weak spots and areas that might need a tweak.

If all goes well at this stage, then you'll be more confident ordering a prototype. You're less likely to waste money.

3. Convince Budget Holders to Invest

If you aren't in control of your own production budget, then you might need to convince other stakeholders to invest in your products. For example, you might have to get your boss's go ahead. Or, you might need to convince external investors.

It's a lot easier to show people how a product will look and work if you show them a solid modelling drawing. The drawing looks more like the real thing. They'll get more of the information they need to make a decision.

For more information, contact CAD drafting company, like Quickturn Pty Ltd, and ask about their solid modelling options.