Things You Should Consider Before Requesting Signage Engraving

When you start a business, one of the things you may want to order are signs. These signs could vary in size, shape, and location. No matter where you want to place your sign, or the type of engraving you want done on your sign, there are some things you should consider before ordering the signage engraving. Here are those considerations and a few points about each one.


You may know that font is important, but you may be thinking it just relates to the size of the engraving or the intensity, such as bold or italics, of the engraving. Font can mean various other aspects as well. For example, if the signs you are having engraved are smaller then you may want to stay away from Old English or Victorian script style font. The script fonts can become jumbled or look too tight and hard to read from further away. If the signs are small you may want to go with a simple solid font with larger print instead. If you have larger signs, you may want to consider fonts that look clear and legible if someone is close to the sign or far away.

Sign Material

You may have everything laid out that you want on the sign, but now you are confused about what sign material may be best for your signage engraving. Most engraving companies are going to give you several options including budget friendly acrylic signs and all the way to granite signs if you want. When you are considering the sign material, you should consider where the sign will be located and the type of environmental elements it will come in contact with.

For example, you don't want to use a budget friendly acrylic sign outdoors where it can become scratched and damaged by rain and wind. If you aren't sure what type of material would be best for your needs, ask yours sign company during a consultation, as some materials are new to the market and others may be better suited for the environment or location than others.

Signage and Language

When you are asked about the language of your signage engraving, you may be thinking about a native language rather than what the engraver may be referring to. In most cases the engraver is referring to what information you want on the sign and where you want it placed on the sign. You need to have three options available. The first should be the basic and bare bones information and placement. The second should be what you would like if you have to change some information or you need to add some information for contact purposes. The third should be the ideal amount of information you want on the sign if you can afford it and the sign can hold up to the engraving. This will give you something to work with if things change once you begin to order the signage engraving.

These are just three of the considerations to keep in mind with signage engraving for your business. If you want to know what options may be available for your specific business, consider a consultation with your engraver for pricing and options.