How to Select the Best Mailing Tubes

Many factors should be considered when one is selecting mailing tubes. This article discusses some of those key factors that people should bear in mind if they are ordering mailing tubes for the first time.

Internal Diameter

Mailing tubes vary based on their internal diameter. You should consider how thick the documents or materials that you want to ship or store are. That thickness will help you to select the mailing tube with the right diameter so that your valuables don't move within the tube during shipping or storage. For instance, a mailing tube that has an internal diameter of six-inches may be sufficient for storing house blueprints having a few pages.

Tube Thickness

You should also think about the thickness of the mailing tubes that you wish to buy. Thicker mailing tubes tend to offer better protection for your valuables because such a tube will resist any stresses placed upon it during the shipping or storage process. For example, such a thick tube will not be compressed easily when a heavy object is accidentally placed on it.

End Cap Installation Method

Mailing tubes also differ in terms of how their end caps are put in place once the documents or materials have been inserted in the mailing tube. Some end caps have to be glued onto the mailing tube. Some mailing tubes have end caps that can be sealed onto the tube. It is also possible to buy mailing tubes that have removable end caps. Select the mailing tube after considering your needs. For instance, you should buy a mailing tube with removable end caps in case you will need to access the valuables in that mailing tube regularly. However, you should buy a mailing tube on which you can seal the end cap if you want to ship an important contract to a client.

Tube Length

Consider the size of your materials before you buy mailing tubes for them. This is because mailing tubes vary based on their length. It would therefore be wasteful for you to buy tubes whose length exceeds the length of your valuables, such as purchase agreements. What can you do if the available lengths exceed the size that you want? Buy extra end caps so that you can cut the mailing tube to the desired size.

You will reduce the likelihood of buying inappropriate mailing tubes for your application if your follow the suggestions above. Contact suppliers for additional information in case you have other concerns that may be preventing you from choosing the right mailing tubes for your needs.